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In 2023 we will begin the "Launch Campus Campaign". It's our vision at Riverside Community Church to transform lives that transform a community, and we believe one of the next best steps we can partner with God in is through the tool of a new building. The building will significantly expand our space with 4,500 square feet for the Kid's and Student Ministries, and offer permanent offices for the pastoral staff.

We are seeking to raise $800,000 in support of the new building and other campus improvements. Any additional funding will be directly invested towards eliminating the debt for the church.

Join us on this mission! We are not only launching our church campus, we're launching together as the hands and feet of Jesus!

As part of our 100% participation goal, we would like to keep everyone up to date on our LAUNCH 2023 Campus Campaign. To do so, please fill out a “MAKE A PLEDGE” before “MAKE A DONATION”.

Here's a video with more info:

Riverside's LAUNCH 2023 Campaign!

  • Over the past few years, our leadership team prayed and entered into a strategic planning process about what's next for our community. One of the items discussed was investing in space for our Family Ministry, and our pastoral staff team.

  • Will provide office space for our pastoral staff. This will allow our team to improve communications and efficiency.

  • This is only possible if everyone is involved. We need your prayers around the construction process to be with our teams already in place.

  • Next is your generosity! We are aiming to be 100% debt free in this. And any funds above-and-beyond on this project will go towards our existing debt for our Riverside campus.


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