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Find hope & healing with Family Matters Counseling a ministry of
Riverside Community Church

Life is too difficult of a journey to navigate alone. We all need trusted fellow travelers and guides as we navigate the ups, the downs, and the winding road we travel in life. It is for that reason that Family Matters Counseling exists. We believe that while on your journey through life, having an available, trusted guide to come alongside you, to point you toward truth, to listen with compassion, and to empower you to live the most full and free version of life that you were meant to live is vital.


Family Matters Counselors approach the therapeutic process from a holistic perspective; we are each, an interwoven masterpiece of mind, body, and spirit. We use an eclectic approach of clinical and spiritual principles as needed for the client to move forward in making positive life change according to their goals.


We are trained and equipped to help adults, teenagers, couples, and families with relationships, personal obstacles, past hurts, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, truamas, grief, and addiction recovery.


If you have a question about Family Matters Counseling please contact us at or




Jason Carlettini, MA, LPC

I have had the privilege of serving as a pastor in a variety of settings since 2000, and I received my Master’s from seminary in 2009. In 2020, I received a Masters of Counseling degree from Wayland Baptist University and my Licensed Professional Counselor license from the great state of Texas. As a Christian, my faith has an impact on my perspective, but as a counselor, I will never push my faith or beliefs on you.


My fascination with the field of psychology began in my later teenage years when I learned that my biological father was institutionalized with schizophrenia for most of his adult life. As a Pastor for more than twenty years, I have provided countless pastoral counseling sessions with adults, teenagers, engaged couples, and married couples. However, I had the desire to get further trained so that I am to be a greater resource to our Bulverde/Spring Branch community by providing counseling services for families.


I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is the foundational therapy used in my eclectic approach to counseling, which means I use many different styles and techniques. I see great resources and tools in a variety of theories and use what will be most beneficial at the time for the client. Some of the styles you might experience are reality therapy, Gestaltian interventions, personality theory, REBT, Bowen and Gottman’s family theories, and anything else that might benefit the client. Likewise, I am currently training in EMDR to be able to provide that service for clients with past truama.


Typically a session will last about 50 minutes, but just like being physically fit, one 50 minute trip to the gym just does not get us to our goals. As a result, you can expect some homework to help develop some mental, emotional, and spiritual muscle. Counseling is typically not inteded to last forever, although a good counselor is someone worth holding on to because life is a dynamic, ever changing journey. So, we will seek to make progress toward your goals in a healthy timeframe. After which moving into a check-up mode periodically and meeting more consistently, as needed, during specific seasons of life.

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